What to do when a fish dies in your aquarium

What to Do When a Fish Dies in your Aquarium

Aquarium fish can die for many different reasons. Here are some reasons why your fish are dying and what to do.

       The aquarium is a delicate ecosystem, and many events can cause the sudden death of its members.

       If the fish in your aquarium die for no apparent reason, it is very likely that the water conditions are not suitable or that you need to reduce the number of members living in the aquarium.

       The most important thing to do is to remove the dead fish immediately and perform a parameter measurement with your test kit, followed by a partial water change.

I find dead fish. Now what?  

       When you find dead fish in your tank, look closely at your tank and your fish, looking for anything that is wrong or strange. Some tips are:

       Count the number of fish during feeding hours. Make sure the fish is eating normally. Keep the parameters obtained by the test kit always noted for comparison.

       Pay attention to the behavior of the fish. Fish must be healthy, alert and moving, colorful, and perfect physical condition.

       Fish that faded and shy, with their fins closed close to the body, not eating normally, or appearing swollen or cornered are probably not healthy and should be separated for treatment.

Dead fish must be removed

       Tropical fish species rot quickly due to high water temperatures. In such an environment, bacteria multiply quickly, the water becomes cloudy, and an unpleasant odor appears; this means a rapid degradation of water quality.

       If the corpse remains in the aquarium, it can cause a spike in ammonia or other toxic compounds, causing a total system crash.

Inspect dead fish

       It would be best if you tried to understand why the fish died in the aquarium. If the body is not completely decomposed, note the condition of the fins, scales, and gills.

       If the fish abdomem is very swollen, the eyes bulge, the rankings are covered with plaques or spots, and the gills are dark, the animal is sick or poisoned.

Check the water parameters

       Inadequate water quality is often the leading cause of fish death. Test the water with test kits and take the necessary measurements. The increased content of ammonia, nitrates, heavy metals, and other toxins in the water, just as the lack of oxygen or incorrect parameters for the species, causes the animals to die quickly.

How to prevent fish from dying

       Keeping the water in an aquarium always in perfect conditions is not as simple as it seems. In addition to a quality filter’s help, the water in an aquarium needs to be renewed with a particular frequency.

       When renewing the water in an aquarium, you should never put new water straight from the tap; chlorine and other metals concentrated in the water, which are harmless to humans, could kill your fish. Always use a good quality water conditioner.

       Another vital aspect is always to use clean and contamination-free materials. Always confirm that equipments and your hand are free of soap or cleaning products. In any case, do not forget that you will never be able to use the same products to clean your house to clean the aquarium or the material in contact with the fish.


       Despite mastering the arts of fish care, fish can die occasionally or become ill without warning. Don’t worry; fish sometimes die for no apparent reason.

       The most important thing is that you consider the aspects mentioned above. If you know that fish are sensitive and delicate animals but you treat them brusquely, you have the answer to why aquarium fish die so quickly.

       Our latest recommendations are:

–     Always handle your fish gently and delicately;

–      When acquiring new fish, quarantine and acclimatize them properly;

–      If you have visitors or children at home, avoid hitting the aquarium glass;

–      Never overfeed your tank. Do not exceed the amount of food that increases the level of ammonia and the appearance of harmful bacteria in the water;

–      Do not combine incompatible fish within the same aquarium;

–      Always consult the physical and chemical aspects recommended for the types of fish you keep;

–      If you are going to decorate your aquarium, buy quality objects and make sure they are suitable for aquariums and do not contain contaminating agents.

       By being aware of why your fish died and knowing how to avoid it, the new inhabitants of your aquarium are likely to have a happy life and live for many years to come.

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